Thursday, April 26, 2012

way behind.....

So, we had an awesome vacation! It was both Zach's and my first time to see the ocean, and we stayed in a very cute little hotel by the coast with his brother and his wife. Also got to stop at the hugest fabric store in the south; Sir's Fabrics in Tennessee. It went on and on and on and on....unfortunately I had to limit my spending and volume of what I got since we were flying home.

And in other news....I got almost nothing done on the embroidery for my camicia and nothing else accomplished at all, and feel so far behind!! Plus now there's laundry and cleaning and were leaving again for the weekend.....So feeling very overwhelmed and under accomplished next to the rest of you who are doing IRCC stuff. Gonna take my embroidery again this weekend and see if I can't get more done on it.

But right now I'm off to start laundry and see If I can't make a dent in the pile of miscellany that is exponentially reproducing itself on the table....

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