Sunday, April 8, 2012


So I got the 'gray' velvet I ordered and it is not gray. Grayish maybe, but definitely green, one of the few shades of green I despise; dingy pastel old-lady's green. I should have ordered a sample, but was in too much of a hurry, the fault is mine for not being more attentive. Briefly thought about dying it, but realized that was crazy. There's far too much of it for me to comfortable attempt dying.  On the bright side, it will work with the greens and purple I was intending to put with it, so all is not lost. I'm still going to use it, hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised how it turns out. 

Also, only a week to go before the challenge begins!!


  1. it might change its aspect once you put it with the other colours

  2. Thats the hope! Laid all the fabric out on the bed and it doesn't look too bad just like that.