Saturday, April 7, 2012

Used Garb for Sale

I went through my garb today and have to downsize, so I'm posting some stuff here I'm willing to sell.  These items are all used but in good clean condition, they just don't fit me any more. I'm currently a size 5/small  and 5' 6" and these gowns were made when I was a bit smaller. Would be good for youth, newbie garb, or some could be shortened and used for child's garb. The doublets are all approximately a mens medium. If you see something you like or want more specifics or more pictures please email me at with 'used garb' in subject.

Turkish-ish chirka; 'Painted' velvet outer, poly taffeta lining with gold stitching around edge, a little above knee length. I never got around to putting fastenings on the front. Am asking $10.

Man's Early 1500's Florentine tunic/gown. Sturdy cotton outer and poly/cotton lining. The front opening and sleeves tie shut with lucet cord. The pleats are tacked down at waist level to a strip on the inside. I'm asking $40.

Medieval side-less gown; poly cotton brocade trimmed in faux fur. Lined to just below the side openings. $25.

Cotehardie; Made from soft linen look fabric, front lacing through hand bound eyelets. Lower sleeves also lace shut. It is lined to just below hip level. It is very small though, does not fit on the dress form, would probably make a good girl's dress if shortened. $35

Elizabethan Gown; Very pretty, I wished it still fit me. Again, this gown is quite small.  Made from satin (possibly silk satin) and cotton velveteen. The skirt, bodice/sleeves and front placket are all separate pieces. I've always fastened it shut with straight pins (except the cuffs which have buttons) but hook and eye's would be easy to add. I would like at least $175, OBO.

Venetian Gown; Off-shoulder court gown made from very pretty silver mystery fiber brocade and trimmed in microvelet, bodice is lined with linen and the skirt is lined in muslin. The pleats at the waist are padded. The front opening is lightly boned. Meant to be worn over a camicia, with or without the front placket. I would like $100 for it, OBO.

Faux-Leather Jerkin; Faux-leather outer and black cotton/poly? lining, decorative stitching and metal buttons. Would make good newbie garb. $25.

Wool Doublet; slashed wool doublet with lots of gold detail stitching, some machine and some by hand. Poly satin light blue sleeves lace on. Buttons are plastic, but could easily be replaced, the buttons loops are all hand worked. $70.


  1. What size are you? (What are the measurements of the garb?)
    Thank you!

    1. I'm currently a size 5/6 or Small and the garb is a little smaller than that, so maybe a 3 / xtra small.

  2. I am interested in the side-less gown, how should I contact you?

    1. You may E-mail me at or text me at 307 250 5693. My schedule is very unpredictable and so I don't always answer calls. You may either send me a check and I'll send the gown or if you are more comfortable or familiar with Ebay, I can list it there for you and go through paypal that way.