Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ahh, not ready!!

Not ready yet to start the my IRCC project, wasn't expecting to start until the 15th and found out last night we are going by Adelaide time. Oh well. I had set all this week aside for customer projects and getting miscellaneous things finished up so I would be clear and ready Sunday morning to start cutting and sewing!! Of course, fabric I needed for business projects didn't arrive this week, until yesterday I got the lining for an arming doublet.... so that's what I'll be working at today. I made pretty decent progress on it yesterday got the front, back, skirt, collar, and upper sleeves quilted (one layer heavy duct cloth, three layers of cotton quilt batting and one layer of flannel). Still need to quilt the lower sleeves and finish basting the rest of it  together for him to try on again. Fortunately I can use the machine for this, but it's definitely not the easiest project, for me or the machine.

I also made the mistake (nervously NEEDING to sew something while waiting on everything to fall in place) of starting, not one, but two camping dresses for myself. One is almost finished, I just need a few eyelets in the shoulders, and lacing cords. The other is still very near the beginning and I probably have two days worth of hand sewing to go on that one. I would like to get both of those finished also  before I start on this IRCC dress for myself.....but....we leave for Georgia in four days, and I don't have time to finish all that and cut out IRCC applique to do by hand on the drive down to Georgia. If I don't start it before we go, I won't be able to start it for almost two weeks and put myself very behind.

On the brighter side I have washed that sickly green velveteen and draped it over a dressmakers dummy and made myself look at it off and on, and think I have come to grips with it. Here's a pic with some of the other elements draped with it.  I think I can make it work.  Not pictured are some beads and flosses in dark purple and dark green and several yards of that purple/green changeable silk, the latter of which hasn't arrived in the mail yet:-/  From left to right, black striped chiffon, lilac linen, black velveteen, that green velveteen, gray wool flannel, green wool coating, a side of cow and a few lovely rabbit skins on top.
Alas, enough of my grumbling. If I am ever gonna get anything accomplished, I had best go to work!

Best of luck to all in the IRCC this year! I am excited to see what everyone makes, that has to be the best part:-)

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