Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cause I couldn't not start

So I broke down. I finished the arming doublet to the furthest point I could and finished the first camping dress. The other one is now in the UFO bin, hopefully not for too long though.

I worked out the mockup for my IRCC bodice, then laid it out on paper to trace the top edge. Then proceeded with measuring and plotting out the applique design as close as possible to that in the portrait. I filled it in with sharpie and pinned the front portion of it to my dummy for contemplation. It looks pretty good, but there are definitely a few things I need to tweak; straightening out the black lines and trying to make the design flow seamlessly over the shoulder. Trying to figure out how to make the bottom front corners of the design flow under the sleeves and not be just 'out there', if that makes sense.

I also got my camicia cut out last night. I decided on the style I want to do quite easily, but now cannot decide if I want to embroider or do lace insertion or if I want to do it by hand or by machine. As I am only using cotton I do not want to get too fancy with it, but also can't just have it plain. Decisions decisions.


  1. Oh! That's going to be lovely!

    My 2 cents about the turn would be that it depends on if you want to make an artistic interpretation inspired by the portrait or you are trying for it to be as literal as possible.

    If you are going for literal I'd say that I don't see evidence that the pattern pivots or rounds on the outer corner and that whatever happens seems to me to be occurring farther into the armpit then your template.

    On the other hand, if you want an artistic interpretation I wonder if you considered changing the shape of the anvil-like time so that it fits in the corners better? I like the pivot and I think it works well on the inside corner, but the outer curve looks strange to my eyes. To leave it as is and square the outside corner would leave a big empty space (which I'm guessing looked weird and led to your rounding the corner) but adding an additional protruberance into that empty space might make the whole thing work.

    I'm so happy you are working from this dress. It's clear we both like appliqué and this one is a stunner!

    1. Aurora, I'm trying to be as literal as possible... So, I did like you said, and instead of making the outside corners pivot so much, I straightened out the whole front center segment, instead of having it curve upwards. and instead of 'bending' the design up to go over the shoulders, I made it more of a right corner and have the design coming up out of the top of the 'x' thingy in the corners. A few other minor adjustments later...and it looks a whole lot better!

      Applique was one of the first types of sewing I learned to do when I was really little, and I think I'm addicted.

  2. I'm so happy I said something helpful!

    Now, tell me please, are you going to appliqué the hem too? I anticipate a yes answer so I'm readying my happy dance....