Saturday, March 17, 2012

Regency Update

I have finished my chemise. It is made from muslin, sewn with flat felled seams, and has an adjustable drawstring neckline. I also trim the edges of the sleeves and neckline with a single row of Armenian needlelace.

The short stays are complete as well, and fit very well and are comfortable!! The shoulder straps are appropriately almost off the shoulder and leave room for a low, wide neckline, which I hope to achieve with the gown. 

I have started on the bodiced petticoat, but have run into multiple problems. I did not have enough muslin  for the bodice, and so decided to use some scraps of cotton voile for the bodice, but it has seemed to stretch and is very limp (duh!) The front opening overlaps at least 3 inches too far and the back waist has sagged far too low. So....I'll be playing with that today to see if I can't redo the bodice, maybe interline it with something heavier and bring in the front openings, and re gather the skirt....or something, so make it fit properly. 

I briefly debated leaving the petticoat and starting work on the gown. But, if I can't get the bodice on the petticoat to fit properly, what am I thinking starting on the gown. I still haven't determined the exact style I want for the bodice on the gown, wanting something ruched, and perhaps overlapped in the front.....still trying to figure out the technicalities in my head.... Hopefully I'll get the petticoat figured out today and then can start making out the mockup for the dress bodice. Realized the other day I have only about a month and a week to finish both my regency gown and Zach's ensemble, interrupted constantly by helping with renovations, other sewing jobs, etc.

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