Friday, March 9, 2012

Regency Short Stays

So still waiting to see what everyone did for the 'Over and Above' challenge........on the verge of anxiousness!

I started working on my regency short stays. They are made from two layers of soft cotton ticking and some pink quilting cotton. The cups are smocked (yes, I saw this done somewhere, but of course I did not record where. Maybe I should use this new Pinterest thing! It sounds like it would help!) Its fit so that the front does not come over halfway up my bust, which I understand is period....So far when I wrap it around me this feels very awkward, we'll have to see once I get a chance to lace it up.

The outside edge of the shoulder strap is on the same line as the side back seam, the correct period silhouette. There are two pieces of boning on each side of center front and two pieces each  coming from the side to the front. I also did some quilting and a little bit of embroidery just for fun.  I have one eyelet done, nine to go. Then make up the chemise real quick so I can take modest pictures of me wearing it. But for now here's some pictures of it on the table...

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