Saturday, March 17, 2012

Color scheme plotting....

Am planning on making this dress for the IRCC, trying to decide on a color scheme.
Firstly, I could go with a pink/peach silk for the main gown, and stay with the color scheme in the portrait, except for the color of the sash, as I don't think I can wear a blue sash for the SCA...kinda foggy on what goes and what doesn't in that category, but prefer to be on the safe side.

Secondly, I could go for a silver/blue silk for the main gown, keep the trim black, and use silver fur for the sleeve lining, and then maybe black for the sash and balzo?

 I've made several things recently that have been predominantly pink, and don't have anything that I like in silver/blue, so....I don't know. Waiting to see the guidelines for the IRCC to see if I'm allowed to pre-order fabric or wait till the challenge starts, just scheming in my head.


  1. I don't believe the SCA has an official blue belt law. Pretty darn sure there are no blue belt connotations in the SCA.

    I like the blue/silver idea!

  2. hmm, cause I had a friend who was granted a blue belt as a sign she was a man at arms, but haven't heard of it happening, especially since its a sash here and not a belt, I think it will be ok.....

  3. I did some googling, and it does appear that in some kingdoms, a man-at-arms may wear a blue belt. But as artemisia does not include blue belts anywhere in their sumptuary laws, I reckon it's just a thing fighters do, and blue belts are allowed for anyone, but they have that man-at-arms connotation.

    So, I'd say go for it if you wanted to (especially a sash opposed to a leather belt), but you just might get a question or two about being a man-at-arms. Not likely in annoyance, but in friendly question.

    About 8 months after joining I made a white silk girdle belt for an early tudor outfit and had a (newly made) knight VERY RUDELY hassle me about it, and told me I was trying to fool people into thinking I was a knight. I was extremely annoyed at this knight, who didn't even know me. So I am a bit put off about wearing a belt color that is supposed to "stand" for something.

    However, I say do what you want and forget the rude people! Sorry for the long response!

  4. Long responses are awesome! Thanks for checking it out for me. I'm definitely going with a blue sash then. Still haven't decided on main fabric for the dress, it may come down to if I can get a good deal on one color or the other.

  5. I figure that plenty of folks used stash fabric for last years projects so it doesn't make much sense that we couldn't pre-buy fabric for this years IRCC gown.

    I already had my fabric last year but I'm planning to pre buy this year too. I won't really have time to wait for fabric to be shipped once we get started and you have to get e-bay fabrics when you can!

  6. Indeed! So far I have found no good deals....hoping one of my fav. sellers posts just the right thing.... If not....I may be able to piece together something from stash...It needs organized rather badly, and I may uncover the perfect thing that I forgot I had. Doubtful, but I can still hope. lol.

  7. I second what Jane said. Artemisia has no rules on blue belts - it is a tradition amongst some, but not here. I think your plan sounds lovely.