Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pics of 'Over and Above' Zimarra

So...honestly wasn't expecting to win the recent 'Over and Above' Challenge. There are too many other talented people in the world that I need to aspire too and learn from, just figured I wasn't a winner yet!

Anyway, as promised, her are some more pictures of my finished zimarra.

And a close up of my stitches...and the some of the beading, which is pretty much invisible on the finished thing:-(
And a close up of some of the couching and the buttons;
And a full length view. The snow was a very fresh and it was very bright out side hence the squinting. But it made for a good test run. The whole this is very much and sufficiently warm!
And the back. It is rather ornamentaly plain, but couldn't think of anything good to embellish it with in the time frame allowed.

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