Friday, February 17, 2012

Progress Update

Just a quick run down of what I've done/what I have yet to do for the Over and Above;

The sleeves are finished except for sewing on the buttons and setting them into the main garment.

The shoulder rolls are cut, pinned, ready to be set into the main garment when I set in the sleeves.

The applique on the collar is finished.

The applique on the front opening in half finished.

I have approximately  12? more thread-covered buttons to finish.

So I need to;

1. finish the applique on the center front opening

2. bead the applique on the front opening

3. sew in the lining and set in the sleeves

4. finish making the buttons

5. make approximately 7 more yards of lucet cord

6. couch the lucet cord to front opening

7. sew on the buttons

I have only 12 and a half days to finish!

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