Saturday, February 4, 2012

Over and Above update

I decided to go with the Zimarra, as you may have guessed, and hope to someday sew the cloak as well.

Its been 3 and 1/2 days since the start of the challenge. All major pieces have been cut out and the body of the both the lining and outer layer have been sewed together. I used the machine for those bits. I plan to embroider trim along the sleeve opening and front opening and collar before I do any more assembly. I've been toying with different types of trim I could do, couching, beading, applique, embroidery.... think there might be all the above by the time I am finished. I'm kinda just winging it as I go. The portrait I'm taking most of my design from is Alessandro Allori's 'Portrait of a Woman' dated somewhere between 1580-1590. 

And here's a picture of the beginning of my version;
 and a close up;
I am using the same pink flannel for the applique as I am using for the lining, and its working very well so far. This is some of the first applique I am doing without using any form of adhesive. The flannel sticks pretty good to the wool just on its own!! I am using cotton crochet string from walmart....its not my first choice but all I have available. If I'd had the time or money, I would have loved to try metal bouillon as I have been wanting to experiment with that for quite a while. But alas I am stuck with what I have. I think I have some darker peach coloured crochet cotton somewhere that I would like to use as an accent/filling colour in the embroidery, and I have some rose coloured glass beads I would like to add to this at some point as well. Any, still lots to do!! So off I go......

Oh, this is my helper....he was so helpful he got a collar of the mangled pink flannel trimmings; 

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