Monday, May 2, 2011

Just a Little Update

So I haven't actually been doing much sewing, but I made some acquisitions. I bought some misshapen pearl beads for my girdle, I'm still not sure what I'm doing for my girdle, but this is a start. I also got around to order some sheer silk for my veil. Its from a place I've never ordered from before, and its a weave that I'm not familiar with, but it was set at such a good price I though I would risk it....we shall see what happens. And earlier this afternoon, m'lord and I stopped in to check out a consignment shop, and found a pair of furs, about long enough for a Zibellino, but I'm unsure of what sort of animal they be...they are a beautiful reddish brown with longer black hairs, and its really soft and on the fuzzy size. I figured I knew a bit about fur-bearers since I've dabbled in tanning a fox or two...The guy at the shop said they were something from Asia. ...So who knows. Either way, they are beautiful and I really like them and I think one of them shall work very nicely with my dress.
I was hoping to get my camicia done this weekend, but ended up doing other things. I ought to be able to finish my embroidery tonight though with no problem.

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  1. Hey Hannah! I don't think we've met at an SCA event yet; I'm Lady Jane Fox, also in Artemisia, of course, in Silver Keep. Where in WY do you live? I lived in Lander for 4 years.

    Hope you don't mind if I follow your blog! Your embroidery is lovely- I'm already jealous of your camicia!

    My sewing stuff is here: