Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Start of the Trim

After all the little pieces were out of the way, I then fused the velveteen to some of the scraps from the dupioni. This might seem like a waste, as i ended up cutting most of it away, but i wanted some stability to the cut velveteen as I embroidered, and I'm hoping when the trim is sewn on it won't be noticeable. I used a split stitch in the same pale gold floss as i am using on my camicia, and stitched around all the edges, through the velveteen and layer of silk. When i was done with this, i trim the silk away from the outside and inner edges of the trim, and left it between the cut parts. This ends up making the trim a very stable 'band' and the whole piece is in the perfect size and shape and ready to be sewn to the bodice.  I have the set for the bodice front nearly complete, and plan to do a strip to go down both shoulder straps to the center back point, and then a strip across the neckline in the back, not to mention the fourth yards of it i need to make for the bottom of the skirt, or the sleeves..... Oh, still soo much to do.

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