Friday, April 29, 2011

And So It Begins...

So i have convinced myself to start this to document the adventures of my historical recreations. I have entered the Realm of Venus' Italian Renaissance Costume Challenge, and with 112 days left there is still so much to do.

There are four levels in this challenge, the first being to complete an article of underwear, either a camicia or corset or drawers. I have begun my camicia, using an ivory linen/cotton blend and an embroidering pomegranates down the front in pale gold and  deep purple. I also have seven yards of petite gold lace that I plan to sew on the neckline and cuffs, and perhaps the hem around the bottom. I was originally planning to embroider three rows of the pomegranites down the sleeves as well, but after briefly dabbling in the trim i plan to make for the gown itself, I have quickly decided to do the minimum amount of embroidery on my camicia, as it will not be seen. If I have time I also would like to sew a matching pair of drawers with matching embroidery around the hem.

 I am currently about halfway done with the embroidery on it that must be there. If i had a nice long evening, i could easily get that finished. I am still trying to decide if I want to hand sew the entire thing, or just the visible stuff. I guess I need to set myself a deadline. 

I usually just wing it when doing blackwork, count my stitches and try to make them as even as possible. For this I am using a water soluble marker and tracing the pattern from 'Why Call It Blackwork?' by Marion Scoular. I am using a double running stitch, and using cotton floss, so nothing too exciting. I have included pictures, a close up of the embroidery and then of what I have done so far. I love the examples in some depictions of period camicias, which show the embroidery down all the seams. Mine will go only down to about waist level. As my gown will be a front ladder lacing gown, I want the embroidery to be visible through the lacing center front.

Other than that, I have my bodice already sewn and have begun to applique'/embroider the trim. I will post pictures and details tomorrow if I get to it.

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