Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally Finished With One Thing

The camicia is finally finished! It took alot longer than I was planning, but I am very happy with the results. The entire thing is done by hand. 

I  rolled-hemming all the individual pieces, and assembled them using a herringbone type stitch.  The cuffs are smocked by hand, the embroidered band added, and then trimmed in a narrow gold lace. They tie shut with braided cord. I also smocked the neckline by hand, and stitched the gold lace over the edge. I am still thinking of going back and attatching a linen tape to the inside to help re-enforce the smocking threads, but I am currently to anxious to get on to the next part. One thing I have also learned is that, even though it may take longer to individually hem all the little gussets and gores and bodice pieces, it sure make Y seams much easier to do and looks much nicer.  

 Now I'm on to a smaller project, one that won't take nearly as long, either the drawers, stockings or garters....

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