Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting There

I'm still slowly plugging away on IRCC

Dress is almost done, need to hem the skirt and attach the sleeve parts and make lacings. Still wanting to do the leather trim along the bottom, but its not looking like its going to happen...unless I sew it in with a machine blanket stitch, which....well...would be machine done. So that may be another 'after the challenge' thing, like the trim on the bottom of my wedding dress, which never got done either...sigh. The trim is a very important part of the character of this gown though, so I really hope to get it done at some point.

And then there is the balzo fiasco. My first attempt was back near the beginning of the challenge when I tried steaming young stripped down branches, and simply could not get things to attach together securely, or even begin to achieve the right shape. The second attempt I actually finished, sent in IRCC update, and then decided it did not fit, and was way too lumpy looking. It was a stuffed and covered linen roll with a brim basically. Attempt number three was based of the directions on Oonagh's site, using a felt hat as a base. The hat that I had on hand however was not stable enough, I could not get the wrinkles out of the silk and again, everything was lumpy and did not fit...I never even got to the roll part on that one before giving up in extreme frustration.

In the end I have made a turban (my easy fall back to easily cover up any of numerous-bad-hair-days head-covering).  It is made from the green/purple silk taffeta, and is approximately two yards long by eighteen inches wide, rolled hemmed. I sewed a comb to center front to help keep it on, because the silk is slick and my hair is slick and thats not a good combination. I also made a fringe along the one end that sticks out a bit when its worn, and am very happy with how it turned out.

My poste is also almost done. It is made from the same silk. I deviated from the portrait here a bit as well, making it a bit longer and into a tube, and 'stuffing' the embroidered ends with a roll of wool to make the embroidery stand out. I still need to add the fringe around the bottom edges and then it will be completely done.

And a soccaccia; same silk, lined in some blinding chartreuse silk satin I had leftover from a customer sample. It is trimmed in sage green velvet ribbon leftover from one of the bridesmaid's gowns (theres a few bits of the ribbon on the poste as well). I want to make a narrow woven waist tie for this, and then it will be done.

I wanted to make matching garters from the silk as well, but with making the turban and wasting ( pout pout) silk with the balzo, I did not have enough silk, so I am weaving a pair of garters on the inkle loom  (the most recent activity I have been introduced too, which I am way to excited about). They will match the tie I will weave for the soccaccia.

Still on the start list is the partlet, stockings, and slippers, and maybe a pair of gloves, but I'm doubting I'll be able to get to those all. The partlet is the only thing that really must get done to finish the look. The other things are optional. I'm away from home for a few days helping my mom pack and clean to move, and I forgot my camera, so pictures will be delayed for a bit, and hopefully I can finish a few things up before I get home.

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