Friday, June 1, 2012

Camicia Finis!

Camicia is finished. I broke down at the end and used the machine for finishing the neckline and hem along the bottom. It won't be seen anyway when I'm dressed proper. I decided to do something brilliant (at least in my mind) for the neckline. Instead of pleating the fabric to a given measurement, pleat the neckline in half in box pleats all the way around, stitch it to a casing and run a drawstring through it. Thus, I have a neckline with even pleats which is still adjustable to the neckline of whichever gown it is being worn with. I'm hoping this will remedy my problem of camicia necklines either being too low or too high.

Next project will be finishing the gown, then I will have my four layers finished and can take time to play with the other elements till time's up. Uprising war is in less than two weeks, and Glory is in barely a month, so dress construction will fall between prepping and sewing camping garb.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! Great idea for the neckline, too. Such cute embroidery!