Wednesday, August 10, 2011 no pictures...

I've been procrastinating pictures....I am sorry. I've never liked uploading stuff from my camara cause it is always such a pain, that and my computer hasn't had much internet access for the past few it hasn't happened.  I'm thinking tomorrow I ought to be able to make myself do it. I have one more update to send in to the IRCC, and then after that I shall have time to work on the final pictures and writ up /documentation.

Brighter news! My dress is finished!! After having to take all the applique off the first sleeve due to to much bulk and having lost the pattern i drew up for the second sleeve, I finally got both sleeves done and attatched to the gown. My mother pinned the hem for me last week and a few nights ago I sat and hemmed my dress. It's looking great and I am very excited about it.

Today I started a few more accessories. I made a little tasseled beaded pouch, using the same pattern I used below for my mother's pouch. I made the tassels by hand out of my gold embroidery floss. The handle/strap thing is beaded silk ribbon. I used white velveteen on the outside, and scraps of gold silk dupioni on the inside. I am very happy with it.

I also started on a handkerchief. I was just going to hem a square of linen and call that good, but then it wanted to be embroidered, and after wanted I am practicing my novice skill of Armenian lacemaking around the edge, using purple and gold floss....Its gonna be one decked out hanky.

It's been fun!! But I am glad the challenge is almost over though, so I  can turn my focus to other things I need to do for the wedding.

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