Monday, August 15, 2011

Final Pictures are Sent!

I just sent in the final pictures for the Challenge.  Happy to be done with one thing and free to move on. I have started with mylord's wedding garb. He picked the portrait Moretto da Brescia's   'Portrait of a Man' 1526, and so I am planning on following all those details as closely as possible in everything except colour and that hat.

I've started by making a linen shirt with blackwork in dark forest green floss on the collar and cuffs, and most of the seams worked in herringbone sitch in the same dark green. The embroidery is done, and the main body is done, with the collar attactched.  There are four briaded cords at the collar for fastening. I tried something new with the collar. I usually make collars with the inside piece, outside piece and one additional 'interfacing' layer. I still end up with a big lump at the top and bottom where the ruffle and shirt body are sewn into the collar. This time I made a narrow strip of four layers of linen basted together and set that inside the 'gap' created by the seam allowances on top and bottom. It seems to have worked pretty good so far. It creates a much cleaner line, however the collar may be a little too stiff....we'll have to see when he tries is on. Here's a picture of the inside collar construction;

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  1. Beautiful embroidery and construction work. Do you draw out the embroidery designs or do you have a design source? I loved the pomegranate design that you used on your chemise. Your work is gorgeous.