Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Update

Back from a wonderful week at Uprising. I was able to do quite a bit of shopping there and got most of what i need for trim, buttons, and some of the rest of my fabric that I need for wedding outfits. I'm close to having most of my materials grouped, and nearly ready to start delegating the sewing of it all.

For the IRCC challenge; I have finally finished hemming my veil. It took only about three-four weeks. I went around it once, rolled hemming it with a whip-stitch and fighting the raw edges and shifty nature of the chiffon. The second time around I used a blanket stitch and added a bead every inch or so. I think I turned out looking acceptably nice. I order the metal hair comb yesterday to which I will attach the veil.

And then, last night, with a wonderful spurt of energy, I draped the pattern for my partlet, cut it out, and got it hemmed all the way around. This is especially amazing because I used the same silk chiffon as the veil. My technique; I laid the pattern on the chiffon and traced around it with fray check, let it dry, and then cut it out along the hard edge created by the fray check. This then makes it very easy to fold over a really narrow hem and there are no stray threads from raveling fabric! To finish, this morning I went around the curve for the neck, using a blanket stitch in gold floss and adding beads so that the partlet matches the veil.

Hopefully Ill get pictures taken within the next few days, but now I must be off to work.

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  1. As yes, partlets... I made one out of silk organza and just did a double roll-over edge. Your way sounds great though!