Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Riding Doublet Update

I have been making slow progress on Nicolla's doublet. Everything is assembled and finished except for buttons and button loops.

The doublet fit perfect, and I didn't have to adjust anything. The first thing I did after the fitting was lay the two halves out flat again and finish sewing on the guards. They are made out of bias cut black velveteen and positioned to make the bust look bigger and waist look smaller. The stitching that holds them in place also 'quilts' the layers of the doublet together. 

Then I removed most of the basting stitches and hand sewed the side and back seams, sewing through the outer layer and padding together and then flattening the seam and whipstitching it down. 

And then the lining is neatly folded in and whipstitched down.

The collar, waist tabs and shoulder wings are all padded as well, and the exposed edges bound in strips of black velveteen. 

Alas, that's about all I have accomplished in the sewing world the last few months,  between puking and day-long naps. The beginning of my second trimester is just days away and already I'm starting to feel so much better....and I'm so behind. Christmas shopping is about done, plans for baking are looming (as soon as I can stomach the thought of butter) and then several long, cold, plan-free months in January, February and March where I can hopefully tackle my overflowing pile of UFO's (UnFinished Objects:-)) 

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