Monday, January 30, 2012

Gown Finis!

The Carpi dress is momentarily finished and I am very happy with how it turned out. No accessories yet, but I have plans.....I found a really good deal on some sheer silk on Ebay, so I do in fact have material to work on the partlet, just not the time in the next few weeks (we are in the middle of remodeling a garage into a studio apartment, while living in it, makes sewing time difficult to find). Oh, and then there's the IRCC mini-challenge coming up in two days, so....yeah it might be a while before I get around to the partlet.

Anyway, pictures.... I did have the gown steamed and wrinkled free.....but that was several days before we got around to taking pictures, plus I look like I haven't slept in several nights, but here they are regardless;

Above is the roll of guard. Instead of inserting a strip of wool inside the bottom of the skirt, I decided to go with a finished decorative band that would be sewed onto the outside of the skirt, akin to the solid coloured guards on early 1500 Florentine gowns. It consists of a strip of wool, covered in linen, and five rows of the silk ribbon, sewn down on each side by hand. The skirt is hemmed by folding both the lining and the linen inside to make about a half inch finished hem, and the guard is sewn down so the lower edge covered the stitching of the hem.

What I used;
6 yards 60 inch wide green handkerchief linen
aprox. 1 yard 60 inch wide brown wool
4 yards 45 inch wide tea-dyed muslin
1/2 yard heavy blue linen
aprox. 45 yards copper silk ribbon
leftover floss for eyelets

So things I have still to do;
1. partlet, same copper ribbon will be sewn onto silk organza
2. caul or cap, need to do more research, will use scraps of linen or muslin
3. two necklaces, need to do more research on jewelry making, purchase beads
4. gloves, will use purchased pattern, and thin leather from stash
5. netted/sheer cap worn over caul, need to do more reasearch, or beaded headband
6. linen camicia with whitework on neckline and cuffs (loosely based of men's shirt in Patterns of Fashion)
7. earrings, possibly
8. fan, I'll probably make another flag fan, instead of the feather fan in the portrait
9. take final GOOD pictures, with everything wrinkle free and me not looking so tired